Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Love ko to!

I feel sad that McDonald’s cor. Aurora and Araneta ave. will be closing down later this week. I’ve spent more than 5 years studying in this place and I will surely miss it. It may not be the best outlet but I have come to love the place like home. I even wrote my name under my favorite table if only to claim it. The bald store manager is kind and the salespeople are pretty nice. They know that I drink coke lite and that both my drinks and fries are always upgraded, even without me telling them. We exchange smiles when we meet each other even outside the outlet. I’ve watched people rise from being servers to cashiers to supervisors. One time I even got Christmas gifts for the guards because they’d let me leave my things to go eat outside when I’m sick of burgers and fastfood.

I’ve finished medschool and gotten my license, but I still go back. Some part time crew members have graduated from school and found themselves other jobs, but they always come back to visit. But soon, like every establishment in that building, KFC on the far side, Mr. Quick Fix (another version of Mr.Quickie), the famous sisig place, Backdo (behind Mcdo), there will be no McDonalds to come back to. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005


i feel lousy.

my online practice exams have been disastrous. i have barely a month to go before my exam and i think i have regressed. all these months of studying seems to have gone to waste and i don't think this old dog can still kick it. i have been complacent all this time until today when i've begun to doubt. modesty aside, the philippine medical board exam was easy, but this US thing just twists and stretches my brains to its limits. and it's so frustrating, really really discouraging.

and for the first time, i feel scared.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holy Guacamowli!!!


when i stepped out this afternoon.....*whispers* (there was cat poop outside my door!).



Friday, May 20, 2005

Murphy's Law and Banana Cue Sticks

That's where that dang stick entered my foot!

My friend, Liza Lewser and I, planned to go on jogging last night at the UP campus. So after meeting with Christian, I went straight to UP and waited for Liza to arrive. When she finally did, I had read all the ads on the waiting shed board down to 2003.

We started stretching beside the sunken garden.

“so how many rounds do you think we should do?”, liza lewser inquired.
“about three. That’s my average.”

Average? I only recall having jogged here twice in my whole lifetime! The first time, I was in full ROTC combat gear with a heavy WWII rifle, perfectly shined combat boots and garrison belt, about 11 years ago. The other time was a hot morning last year, afterwhich I slept the rest of the day due to sheer exhaustion. Well I did three rounds in each so I guess my average is three. Nice.

Two hundred steps into it and we knew we were crazy to have even considered jogging. We wanted to head straight towards the fishball stand and just count the joggers while making tusok tusok the fishballs. But I knew I had to shed off those months of mcdonalds fries and burgers from my system. After what seemed like forever, we completed a round! We decided to do just a little more then go home.

While walking, I felt some sharp pain on my left foot. When I looked down, I saw this banana cue stick poking right out of my shoe! How the hell did it get there?!! I reached down and pulled it out then immediately removed my socks and saw a puncture wound on the dorsum of my left foot. It actually pierced my foot to about an inch deep! How fun! I came to jog and got a barbecue stick up my smelly foot. Why not an isaw stick? why not a barbecue stick??

I knew I needed to get some anti tetanus shots so we headed to the infirmary. Problem was, I only had P200.00 in my wallet while Liza had…..tadaaaaaa! a whopping P20.00! I said we needed to find an ATM machine. Ackkk! I remembered my card. So I started calling the sister. As usual, the sister’s fone could not be reached. Do you see a pattern here? She’s always out of reach when I’m in deep trouble. Good thing, a friend, Persia, lived nearby. Do you see a pattern here? A friend always lives nearby!

So I got cleaned up in the UP Infirmatay..errrrrmm... Infirmary, had a skin test (aww, that hurt!) and a shot in each arm. I can only count how many times one can get punctured in a day.

Persia paid for my meds and bought me ice cream. And I dragged her to the isawan to buy me isaw and chicharon before I went home sore and bruised.

Murphy must be my middle name. Posted by Hello

thanks for the help, sha. pay you when i see you. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I love My Bank

Posted by Hello
At about lunch time today, Metrobank called and was looking for me. Oh sheez, of course my name was on my card, what was I thinking!! (see previous entry for details)

Good afternoon sir, this is *** from Metrobank. May I speak to Mr. **********.”


Sir, kayo po ba nag-insert ng card nyo last night sa ATM?”

“Yes, and I’m really really sorry!! Sorry talaga, I dind’t know it would turn out like that coz I’ve been using that dilapidated card for a long time already”

Guilty as hell, but I owned up, mind you. I could always have made up a story about it, like pretend I lost my wallet…accuse her of accusing me….or something like that.

Sir I would like to inform you that we needed to replace the card slot down to some parts of the machine because it wasn’t working anymore after last night.”

“I’m really really sorry, about that….you are not going to charge me for those expenses, are you”, I really had to ask

Sir, if it were another bank, they would have charged but I just want to tell you not to try that again. If your card is dilapidated, we can always replace it blah-blah-blah-blah

Thank God.

Ok, I’m on my way there to apply for a new card”.

When I arrived at the bank, I put on my most charming smile (my smiles do wonders, I tell you) and approached a teller and whispered,

hi, I destroyed your atm machine last night, and I’m here to apply for a new card.

walanghiya ka! Di tuloy ako makawithdraw!”, she answered back smiling. Right there I knew everything was alright.

You think my series of unfortunate events has ended? Not yet. I have one that occurred a few hours ago. But that will be tomorrow’s entry.

Sablay Again

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Before leaving the house the other night, I noted that there was no money in my wallet so I just scooped up the remaining coins in the coin plate and decided to drop by my bank’s atm machine to withdraw cash to pay my cellular bill, buy another internet card, and buy me dinner at mcdonalds.

I reached the ATM machine with a fast growing line behind me. When I opened my wallet, my dilapidated ATM card was split in to half! So what was I gonna do? I hated to leave my line just to look for some scotch tape to piece them together, so my clever mind told me to try to insert the2 pieces into the slot at the same time as if it wasn’t split. Such a genius, I am! So I did just that. At first they went in smoothly, but then piece number1 just disappeared into the slot while piece number2 got left behind with its butt sticking out! Then the machine started blinking and displaying error messages and finally displayed the “Being Serviced – Look for Another ATM Machine” sign. People started raising their voices, asking what the hell happened?! My brilliant mind told me to flee the scene of the crime. So I did.

I went straight to McDonalds just to get a grip of my current situation. I fished my pocket and came out with P4.50. Tough luck. I couldn’t pay my phonebill, couldn’t get some dinner, and worse, couldn’t go home. I saw some of my previous clerks studying and they smiled and did some small chit chat with me. I was thinking of asking them for a peso but my pride got the better of me. I tried calling my sis but she couldn’t be reached. I sat alone for two hours pretending to read while thinking of how to get out of my situation.The idea of walking home was starting to appeal to me when I remembered my friend, Rona, who just lived nearby. So she came to my rescue and lent me some cash while I gobbled up my quarter pounder meal. And then again, as always with Rona, we ended up talking about our futures and getting somewhat depressed which we made up by putting some humor in both our situations.

*Rona is also taking the US MLE but at a later date.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Depressed Cat

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Lucky hasn’t been herself lately. She’s grown thinner and isn’t as lively as she used to be. I just bought her a new pack of catfood but she doesn’t eat much. I don’t catch her drinking from the fishbowl anymore. I even found my bedroom slipper in her litter box (how the heck did it get there!) When I hop and dance in front of her she just turns the other way and yawns. I think she’s depressed.

I’m starting to think about what Pepperella said. (another free ad). Pepperella thinks that the late poopoocat (yes, he’s dead) leaves his stuff in front of my door for Lucky. Could have they been lovers afterall?? Had he been courting her beyond those two doors that separated them? Aww, ain’t that sweet? She hasn’t been acting normal at around the same time poopoocat disappeared. I wouldn’t want to think I was playing the role of the evil stepfather. But neither would I want poopoocat to sire lucky’s children. She’s definitely way above his class. Yes, maybe I am the evil stepdad. So the answer is NO, it’s not sweet. Not-at-all. Buwahahahahaha!!

Doc Tsutsugamushi, (here’s free plugging for you, man), could you help my cat? Do you have those serotonin reuptake inhibitors for felines? Could you get my cat to do her regular stuff like play catch-me, scratch our sofas, complain when you take a peek of her doing her thing in her litter box, drink from the jasper’s bowl, buy coke from the sarisari store when I tell her to (errm, sobra na ata).

I hope it’s just a phase, like PMS or something. So if it’s PMS, i guess I’ll have to leave her with her thing, ya know, ladies’ gotta have time for themselves.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


make me solve this. dx is diagnosis and x is a chromosome. period. Posted by Hello

Has any nightmare continually haunted you?

I have one. It comes about once in four months.

I remember the last one. It started out with me in some classroom with green armchairs and numbers on the blackboard.… familiar…really familiar. Oh gawd, noooo!! I was in the UP Math Building. I was late and the old teacher was announcing an exam for the next day, and my palms start to drip. I had not been going to class for two whole weeks and kept no notebook, and didn’t know where my TCWAG was. My previous exams haven’t made it to the passing mark, actually my scores have been pubertal, and the dropping period had elapsed. I start biting my nails and grinding my teeth. And then I wake up in sheer terror, gasping for breath… well ok, not gasping, but you get the point.

Four years into medical school, and 1 year of internship, that’s 5 years after my last Math subject, it still consistenly haunts me. And every time I visit the Diliman campus and pass by the Math building, the skies behind it darken, and thunderbolts abound, very much like the haunted house in Psycho.

The dreams haven’t visited me yet since I became a doctor. But just thinking about it makes me all frantic and apprehensive again.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


When everything seemed futile, I heard the voices of little boys scrounging around for empty cans and junk, stuff that would interest boys their age. Suddenly, a bright idea came to mind*evil sneer*! I called all three of them and asked them if they wanted to earn some cash. They all nodded excitedly. I pointed to poo poo cat and offered P100.00 to anyone who can present me with a dead cat. And off they went to start working while I headed back to my door with a big smile plastered on my face.

A few days ago, a dead cat was found in the neighborhood. I’m not sure if it was the him but there hasn’t been fresh poop outside my door since then.

No, it's not what you think. this is not poo poo cat. Poo Poo cat is not cute. This is just a downloaded google picture.Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005


Your appointment for the computer-based Step 1 - United Stated Medical Licensing Examinationexam is confirmed. Please find the confirmation details that follow:

Examinee Name: ****** *** ****** *****
Examinee ID: 14879390
Confirmation: 8885000000398193
Program: Step 1 - United States Medical Licensing
ExaminationExam: Step 1 - United Stated Medical Licensing ExaminationExam
Date: 22 June 2005
Exam Time: 09:00 AM



i guess this is it..

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lives 5...4...3...2...

Posted by Hello

For lives 9, 8, 7, and 6, pls refer to this entry.

Last week, my cuz and I finally mustered the courage to clean our front door. There were like mounds and mounds of smelly cat poo that we kept on retching while at it. After what seemed like forever, the spots were clean.

Of course we were rewarded with fresh stock smack right in the same spot the next morning. I was fuming mad, really really mad. I started to prepare the milk with all your suggested ingredients (thank you for your friendly pieces of murderous advice). I ground the 5mg Coumadin tablet (yes, I went back to the hospital just for this), a 500mg tab of paracetamol, and 500mg tab of Ibuprofen and dissolved them in the milk. (I’m guessing that this will get lives 5,4,3 and maybe nail that SOB) I then ventured in front of our building where poopoo cat usually lazes under the sun. I waited for about 2 hours before she finally appeared.

Lives 5, 4 and 3. But did she drink of my deadly potion? She took a sip, and that was it! She lay there beside the milk and stretched under the sun and licked herself! Sheez! Drink you wicked cat!! I waited until the heat of the sun was unbearable. And then she slept. *@#*&!!!!

Life 2. Well this equally evil neighbor who was watching me the whole time suggested I smash her head with a rock. That idea lit up light bulbs in my head! Why not?? *evil sneer* So I picked a big rock, which picture I’m not gonna show you, lest you hate me for being so brutal. But I really didn’t care because at that moment, to kill was my main goal. So I crept up beside her with the rock raised over my head, ready to whack her brains out. But she woke up and the rock ended up landing on her shoulder blades instead. I thought she would die right there and then as I put all of my strength in that throw. She ran. Don’t ask me. I couldn’t believe it either. Poo poo cat IS the devil incarnate.

Monday, May 02, 2005


The other night, I was at Watsons to buy some personal articles when I remembered that I had run out of antiperspirant. So I asked the saleslady standing by some shelves staring at her toes.

miss, san ang mga antiperspirants nyo?”

ha? Ah….eh….teka lang po…,” as she approached idle saleslady2, and in a soft voice, but audible enough for me to hear, said, “ano daw, antiperspirants daw. San daw yun?

“Antiperspirants? Hmmm..wala yata tayo nun,” replied saleslady2 who appeared deep in thought.

Ano yun?,” butted in saleslady3.

Antiperspirants daw”, saleslady2 retorted.

Wala,” said saleslady3 in a matter-of-factly manner.

Miss, yung mga DEODORANT!”, I exasperatedly blurted out.

ay ser, dun sa may wall po!”.

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