Monday, September 12, 2011


Was it last year when the crackdown on illegal aliens in AZ was started? It was in the news for months.

In the clinic I work in, i have to pass by the a border patrol check point every single day. I have to roll down my windows, produce my passport, and answer a lot of ridiculous questions. Questions sometimes so dumb that I want to just tell them that I'm a US citizen so they'd leave me alone.

BP: Where did you come from?
Me: *smiling* Yuma. (there's only one road here, did you really have to ask?)


BP: Is this a rental car?
Me: *smiling* No. (ran out of questions?)

BP: May I see your passport?
Me: Sure. ( I hand over my passport and he looks at it, can't seem to find what he's looking for, and I know he doesn't know what he's looking for / looking at...takes about 3 minutes scanning that little piece of booklet...then realizes that he doesn't know what he's really looking for / looking at...looks at the stalled cars behind....looks at me sipping my coffee in my car....doesn't know what to do....and waves me over)
BP: OK, have a good day!
Me: Thanks. (and I take my time, take one slow sip, put my cup back onto the cup holder, roll up my window, smile, and drive slow.)

BP: US Citizen?
Me: No. ( i hand my passport)
BP: (looks at it, can't seem to understand what he's looking at, realizes a line is forming...) Please pull over to secondary.
Me: Why?
BP: Just pull over to secondary (secondary is where they ask people to wait, sometimes step out of the car, a lot of times strip the car if their dog smells something)
BP: Just do it.
Me: Why? I pass by here everyday, you still don't know what you're looking for?
BP: Just go to secondary, sir!
Me: OK. (me pulls over to secondary, open my window, sees BP walking towards me)
BP: Here's your passport sir, have a nice day.
Me: (have a nice day my ass.)

BP: where do you work?
Me: At the ********* (and if you actually read what you're holding you would know, and don't give me the excuse that you're just testing me)

BP: US Citizen?
Me: No (i'm the doctor that you consulted for a nasty rash on your groin the other day. btw, how is it? passed it on to your wife yet?)

BP: US Citizen?
Me: No (and i'm the same person you stopped yesterday)

Me: (driving my honda civic)
BP: Stop. US Citizen?
Me: No. (i'm asian. in a civic)

Me: (driving my friend's BMW SUV)
BP: Have a good day!

Me and Friend: (driving in a Hummer)
BP: Have a good day!

Me: (back in my civic)
BP: US Citizen? Passport?

BP: Citizenship?
Me: Filipino.
BP: Pacquiao! Have a good day!
Me: (eing?)

BP: Citizenship?
Me: Filipino
BP: Anow eng iyowng nasyownelided? Tema be?
Me: Teme ke!
BP: so when is Pacquiao gonna fight Mayweather?
Me: I don't know *small talk?*. Hey, i'm late.
BP: Good day!

lasing lang.
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