Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Baboy part2

see Baboy part1

i saw this in the San Diego Zoo. Please Click to enlarge.

i was looking around for men in barongs and big bellies but i only saw the cute pigs.

oh, i didn't read the fine print. It read "critically endangered".

I guess our well dressed pigs are far from extinction. poor Philippines.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Our records indicate that you have already passed Step 2 CS or the ECFMG Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA®).


Tenchu Lord.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


presyo ng gupit ko sa pinas: P185

presyo ng gupit ko nung nakaraang buwan: $15 (kamahalan!)

presyo ng gupit ko ngayon: priceless.


Nakita kong ginugupitan ng ate ko ung bayaw ko sa banyo. Isip ko, aba! dito na din ako magpagupit para makatipid ng $15! ang wais ko talaga!

habang nakaupo ako at ginagamitan na ng electric clipper ang buhok sa gilid ng ulo ko, napaisip ako bigla......simula nung umalis ng pinas ung bayaw ko ay lagi na lang kalbo ang kanyang ulo. Tae!!!! (este...jebbers!)

pagtingin ko sa salamin nasa tuktok na ng ulo ko ung clipper.

bubbye hair, bubbye....

buti na lang pogi ako, hay, tenchu Lord.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Galveston Beach.
Ako: mommy anong gusto nyo kainin?
Mommy: yung Hambarjer!

Kero's mom: Bili tayo ng album ni Michael Babol!
Kero: mommy, Buble yun.

Me: Dad, ano order nyo?
Dad: Picha Pie.

Ako: mommy, nasira ata celfone ko.
Mommy: ipaayos mo sa Greenfields, anak.

Mahalin natin ang ating mga magulang. ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Case of the Vanishing Books

A couple of days ago, i walked 13 blocks to the bank. Beside it was a shop which sign read "Galveston Bookshop". On this sunny, pleasant day, i decided to drop by.

A forty something lady greeted me as i entered. she was seated behind the counter amid shelves of used books, and perched on the cash register was a cat who was staring at me. i immediately fell in love with the place. it looked like a scene from those story books i often "borrowed" from the library but somehow "forgot" to return.
When we were little, my sister and i had lots of books that we decided to create our own library. We catalogued them Dewey Decimal System style, complete with those call numbers and cards. Neat huh? More of like the beginnings of obsessive-compulsive behavior if you ask me.
Eventually we couldn't keep it up as the books would one by one disappear I would lend my classmates my best books, oblivious to the fact nobody was really interested in my hardy boys, or nancy drew casefiles, or my choose-your-own adventure classics. i always insisted (short of shoving it down their throats) that they borrow my books, . i guess i just wanted them to appreciate and experience they joys of reading. They'd reluctantly take the book and pretend to be interested. In the end, the book would be forgotten and wouldn't be returned to me. I treasured those books.
i wonder if kids still read stories about Indians, about William Tell and Pippi Longstockings, of Horace the Happy Ghost, or everyday tales of the early american children when america was mostly rural. i hope they do.
now i'm reading Len Deighton's Winter which i got for $2.50.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


over 8000 kms in 9 days. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, home.

i'm tired.

my hits have dropped to all time low. from 40 hits per day to 24.

to all of you who never tire of dropping by, thank you.

i'll come up with something soon. promise.

jebbers. (sabi ng kebigan ko daming salitang tae daw dito eh. bawasan ko na daw at panget tignan. so jebbers is the new tae!)
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