Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kuwento Lang.

My kwento ako.

Yung kebigan ko na pinoy na galing tate....o baka yung pinsan ng kebigan ko na laking tate....ay ewan, basta ganun, basta kinuwento saken ng kebigan ko na nasa tate....eh....basta yun na yun.

Ok game. Yung kwento na.

Teka...oo pinsan ata nya...sige...gawin na lang natin pinsan nya.

O game na talaga.

Yun pinsan daw nya na isteytsayd, umuwi daw ng Pinas. Syempre naglakwatsa doon. Fil-Am ba naman eh. Nagbakasyon daw sa Dumaguete. Natuwa daw sya mashado, bumili ng souvenir shirt.

Tapos bumalik na sa isteyts.

Nasabi ko ba na natuwa sya mashado? ok, nasabi ko nga. So pumunta daw sya sa park...nagstroll stroll (mahilig sila magstroll dito e) at syempre suot suot and kanyang souvenir shirt.

Tapos nagtataka daw sya kung bakit tingin ng tingin sa kanya yung mga tao. Pati daw yung mga nagjojogging tumitingin sa kanya. Lalo na daw yung mga itim.

May lumapit daw sa kanyang itim.

Sabi, "hey, you know that we aren't called that anymore, don't you?", sabay turo sa kanyang shirt.

Tingin daw agad sha sa tshert nya may mga puno ng buko na nakadrowing....nakasulat, "I Love Negros".

Friday, February 09, 2007


My surgery faculty and i were getting lunch from the cafeteria after finishing some endoscopies. I got some beef, rice, and vegetables, sat down at the table and started to eat.

Dr. L: W..what are you doing??

Me: Eh? Eating? What do you mean? (confused)

Dr. L: I mean what are you doing eating your lunch with a spoon?

Me: I can't pick up rice with a fork, if that's what you mean.

Dr. L: Why are you using a spoon? You should use your fork.

Me: Well, in the Philippines, everybody uses a spoon. So i'm used to eating my meals with a spoon.

Dr. L: Really??! (bewildered)

Me: Yes, in fact there was this big issue when a Filipino child in Canada was using a spoon and he was called a monkey by the principal.

Dr. L: Wow!

Me: Yes, i mean i use a spoon because that's what i'm comfortable with. and look at this....see...if i use the fork...i can't get much on it. Plus, there's a spoon available. But i can do without one.

Dr. L: I'm just saying that when you go out and eat with your faculty or applicants, or get invited to dinners, you should use a fork unless it's soup or something you need a spoon for. It's called etiquette. And that's the etiquette here in the states.

Me: I've been to dinners and lunches with faculty and applicants and no one seems to get offended with my using a spoon. But your point is well taken. I'll continue to eat with my spoon now, if you don't mind. :)

yup, i didn't see that coming. nobody has ever made a big deal out of it until now. and right now i am ambivalent about this issue. she's got a point and it's reasonable.

cultural differences.

your views?
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