Monday, September 26, 2005


mga kapatid, pagpasyensyahan nyo na muna. bisi po. salamat sa mga araw araw na dalaw nyo. sana ipagpatuloy kahit na para lamang masilayan ang pugi kong mukha.
(at syempre sa para sa aking counter na malapit na umabot sa 9000, ayus!! maraming salamat!!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Examinee Name: ****** *** ****** *****
Examinee ID: 20025892
Confirmation: 8885000000451519
Program: Step 2 - United Stated Medical Licensing Examination
Exam: Step 2 - United States Medical Licensing Examination
Exam Date: 04 October 2005Exam Time: 09:00 AM


Saturday, September 17, 2005


Bakit kaya pag mayaman ka tawag sayo moreno o morena?

Pero pag mahirap ka, tawag sayo ulikba.

Tolits: Di naman po ako tisoy eh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hok Hogan

"Diyos ko!", my mom gasped.

i heard her mutter a prayer. Dad who was seated behind her was also silent. they were glued to the tv screen for at that moment, a big guy whacked Hulk Hogan with a steel chair. The crowed roared, my parents held their breaths. As expected, their hero, who despite all the injuries obtained, seemed to get his strength from the chants of the crowd, eventually won the belt. My mom breathed a sigh of relief. i just rolled my eyes.

12 years ago, the whole family was addicted to wrestling. watching them was s a family affair. We were updated, i tell you. watched all the wrestlemania events, no-holds barred matches, and of course, the Royal Rumble (all in betamax).

Until my sister went to study high school in manila. When she came back, she told us that these wrestling fights were all scripted. It made sense. They get kicked in the balls, fall from heights, slammed in the head but no one sustains any permanent injuries (except for Andre the Giant who got a heart attack, or did he?). And there's always the good guys and the bad guys. And the Hogan-Elizabeth-Ultimate Warrior love triangle... wadahek!

And 12 years later, here are my parents. still warped in the world wrestling federation fantasy, still cheering for the sagging hulk. i can't heeeaarr yaaaaaaa!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005


I had dinner with a couple of high school friends and what else to do but account for everybody else, where they are now, what have they done with their lives in the 11 years that have passed.

At present, our class has doctors, lawyers, certified public accountants, governement employees, physical therapists, nurses, a dentist, teachers, more nurses, people in marketing, one who fixes and sells cellular phones in the mall, did i say nurses?, some working in the media, a loverboy, a policeman,
and the latest addition to the list is a person behind bars.

high school. it shouldn't be taken seriously. nobody knows what the future holds anyway.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ara Mina

My Dad, Mom, and I were watching the news when Ara Mina was featured in the showbiz segment.

"who's that?' asked my mom.

"ara mina, boldstar." my dad answered.

"oh, her. i saw her at starbucks this one time and she said 'hi' to me," i boasted.

"really?" both of them.


and once again, i ruled. (buwahahahaha!)


the guys on the other table suddenly fell silent. i was browsing through biochemistry and the sudden silence made me glance up to see her take the vacant table beside me. the star struck guys brought out their camera phones and went to her table asking if she could pose with them. she said "ok".

then she saw me. she gave me her sweetest smile and as if in slow mow she approached my table...

"hi, pwede mo ba kami piktyuran?"

Monday, September 05, 2005


Here are some radio ads that have kept me amused while studying at Mister Donut here in the province...

"....avail now of your house loans, selery loans...."

" alegant..."

"...just use your own bunk credit card.."

" harry, call now..."

"...just what you've been waiting for...we are beck!"

No wonder i can't concentrate. actually there's a whole lot more. where the heck to they get these disk jockeys??

just went out with my cousin for a few bottles of beer because he just passed the recent medical board exams. i'm retching and my lips feel numb and swollen. i finished 5 bottles. i never went beyond one bottle until now. fart, i'm a potential drunkard.

Friday, September 02, 2005


(photo from
I’ve been here in the province since Monday and once again I get to experience our very own English Spokening tricycle drivers!

“Ser, speycial?”
“Ser, capacity?”
“Ser, dobol pay?”
“Ser, tweynti?”

Aren’t you just proud of ‘em guys? Hardworking, inspiring, and best of all, English speaking!

I can’t wait to get my driver’s license.
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