Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This blog is closing.

I've been thinking of something meaningful to say, something warm and fuzzy as a final entry to end this blog. but i've got nothing.

I'm starting a new chapter in my life.

It has been a fun ride. 17 months.

To all my readers, thank you. You've been with me thru this journey. I will still be reading your blogs. (it's not as if i'm dying or anything)

You will miss me. hehehehhee. ok, ok, i will miss you too.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

anu daw???!!

kwento ko lang...
Last December , i was calling residency programs re applications..

me: Hi, good afternoon. i'm calling to ask if you still accept applications this late?

voice: Uhtelenery.

me: (syet...ano daw?? panic panic!!) uh, come again?

voice: Uthelenery.

me: (tae talaga!) uh, excuse me?

voice: Uthelenery.

me: (nakakahiya na to!!!!) I beg your pardon? (last na yan kse naubusan na ako ng inggles)

voice: UP-TIL-JENUERY!! (exasperated)

me: oh ok ok, tenkyu babay.

baba na ng phone. nagpanic na ako eh.
pengeng tissue! dinudugu na ilung ku.

email na lang kasi.

tama na serious posts. nauubusan na ako.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Don't these pictures make you smile? That's because he is, in real life, a delightful individual. His witty remarks never fail to amuse even the most revered and dignified people. Big, happy, warm fella.

But these pictures make me sad. He was another doctor who said goodbye to the world two days ago. With his built, maybe we saw it coming..but not this soon...not this soon.

The bleed that got you made you linger a few days more before Death, which may have been a blessing, took you. By that time everyone had already sent you a prayer.

Goodbye, jerome. It has been a pleasure knowing you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At Long Last..

One year and three months of uncertainty, stress, exams, and desperation - almost to the point of giving up...

And it all ended at noon yesterday with these six words.

Match Results: Congratulations, you have matched!
For the next three years, this will be my home. I will be training for Family Practice in this hospital, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I look down and see my stinky, dirty pair of shoes. My dad doesn't think i should wear them. My sis and brother-in-law think they're disgusting. Others, probably, just don't have the guts to ridicule them in my face.

I find it fascinating that most people my age are living in their own apartments or houses. Well they’ve had a good headstart. While I was slaving away in medical school, they were already climbing their corporate ladders. Practically everyone i know from elementary and high school is out there earning his own keep, with an investment somewhere. A lot of them have their own cars and can afford to buy their every whim- the latest cellular phones or mp3 players and the latest electronic gadgets. I may not have all of those yet, but I have my shoes to be proud of.

What makes these shoes special? They're mine. I bought them with MY own money and i officially call it my first investment - my first possession that didn't come from Dad's money. It was the only nice pair that would fit my budget (plus it was on sale at that time). Dad would have gladly given me money to get a better pair but I'm 27 years old for pete's sakes (not to mention that he pays my rent, my phone bill, and gives me my monthly allowance).

My sneakers have brought me to moonlighting jobs (don't judge a physician by his shoes), USMLE review sessions at McDonalds and countless trips to the mall. They walked me through the trip from Manila to Texas , and through the different landmarks between San Francisco and Houston.
They have always kept my feet warm until a couple of weeks ago when i felt the cold creeping to my toes while waiting at the bus stop. I noticed that there were rips on each of the dorsal surfaces of my beloved ones. My shoes were worn out and it was time to replace them.

I bought a new pair at Marshall's (courtesy of Dad's money) and before i throw the old ones tomorrow, i decided to take a picture of them.
When I start earning, I will have many shoes. Maybe I will write about them too when I’ve nothing to blog about (like now). They will be of better quality and style and probably won’t smell as bad as my old ones. Why? Because they won’t have all the time to get to know my feet as well as my first investment did.
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