Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I look down and see my stinky, dirty pair of shoes. My dad doesn't think i should wear them. My sis and brother-in-law think they're disgusting. Others, probably, just don't have the guts to ridicule them in my face.

I find it fascinating that most people my age are living in their own apartments or houses. Well they’ve had a good headstart. While I was slaving away in medical school, they were already climbing their corporate ladders. Practically everyone i know from elementary and high school is out there earning his own keep, with an investment somewhere. A lot of them have their own cars and can afford to buy their every whim- the latest cellular phones or mp3 players and the latest electronic gadgets. I may not have all of those yet, but I have my shoes to be proud of.

What makes these shoes special? They're mine. I bought them with MY own money and i officially call it my first investment - my first possession that didn't come from Dad's money. It was the only nice pair that would fit my budget (plus it was on sale at that time). Dad would have gladly given me money to get a better pair but I'm 27 years old for pete's sakes (not to mention that he pays my rent, my phone bill, and gives me my monthly allowance).

My sneakers have brought me to moonlighting jobs (don't judge a physician by his shoes), USMLE review sessions at McDonalds and countless trips to the mall. They walked me through the trip from Manila to Texas , and through the different landmarks between San Francisco and Houston.
They have always kept my feet warm until a couple of weeks ago when i felt the cold creeping to my toes while waiting at the bus stop. I noticed that there were rips on each of the dorsal surfaces of my beloved ones. My shoes were worn out and it was time to replace them.

I bought a new pair at Marshall's (courtesy of Dad's money) and before i throw the old ones tomorrow, i decided to take a picture of them.
When I start earning, I will have many shoes. Maybe I will write about them too when I’ve nothing to blog about (like now). They will be of better quality and style and probably won’t smell as bad as my old ones. Why? Because they won’t have all the time to get to know my feet as well as my first investment did.


Blogger atticus said...

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11:51 PM  
Blogger atticus said...

i have a 13-year old pair of shoes. i don't wear make up. i don't have nice clothes. not because i can't afford 'em. i just don't see them as a priority.

but i do have books worth over a hundred dollars which i keep away from people who might borrow them. i don't let anyone borrow any of my camera, because they're my blood sweat and tears.

and last week came jimny the cricket.

it's a great life for someone who started working on borrowed clothes and hand me down shoes.

the big boss up there is good.

walk in 'em shoes, doc!

11:52 PM  
Blogger Rudy man said...

di ko na matandaan kung anung first investment ko sa unang kinita ko. pero sure ako either pinang libre ko o naubos sa yosi. still it's a great feeling tlga and di natin makakalimutan. *pigil ang pagluha*

10:05 AM  
Blogger meigh said...

new shoes for your new life! cheers! =]

10:10 AM  
Anonymous miwa said...

nice entry. maybe you shouldn't throw it out yet. a homeless guy might still think it useful. wait, throw it so someone can find it. those are comfortable shoes. i heart sneakers. i'm 27 and i'm very lucky to get away with wearing sneakers everyday to work.

first investments... mine was a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, my little R2D2 that we've now kept away somewhere collecting dust. it'll eventually find its doom but no heartfelt entries will usher its exit.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Hey duke, one day when you're earning big bucks as a physician you'd be able to repay everything and with extra cash left over for a Porsche. :D

5:23 PM  
Anonymous van said...

palibhasa idol mo si mang labra kaya ka nagiging madrama eh. pero ang alam ko eh comedy ang genre nun eh.

8:17 PM  
Blogger kero said...

senti mode ka pa rin? i think i spent most of my moonlighting money buying shoes. i think i got 3 pairs out of it. no regrets coz i really love shoes. so duke, don't forget, size 7M. ;-)

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Major Tom said...

Shoes are like kind of persons to me, like a companion or a friend. I have old shoes myself and they were similarly stinky and rottening as you may say, but they've been there with me through the good and bad times. I believe thou shall not judge the man by the shoes he wears.

BTW, nice site here. I am sure gonna link you up Duke.

8:33 AM  
Blogger duke said...

atticus. you don't wear make up. i don't either. you don't have nice clothes. neither do i. not because you can't afford them...well..ermm...i can't afford them. hahahahaah.

ano plate number ng jimny mo? baka iba maihian ko.;

rudyman. ba't ka kumikita na e nag-aaral ka pa lang? pero ayos yan, pinanglibre mo at yosi. at least nasarapan ka.

meigh. new life eh? hehehe. it's still some cheap rubber shoes which were on sale. hahahaah. i guess nothing's changed.

miwa. ano ako jose rizal? hehehe. it's going to the garbage. i think i'l need to upgrade my looks if i want people to take me more seriously. hehehe.

snglguy. heheh. yung left over cash pa yung pang kotse eh no>? hahahahah. walang pera mga doktor.

van. berting labra. idol. buwahahah.

kero. daming shoes naman nabili mo! yaman mo na siguro kakamoonlight. at di senti yang post na yan. hahaha. sobrang wala lang ako maisulat.

major tom. hellow. thanks for linking me up. yea, thou shant judge a person by his shoes. that post was a product of the blog burnout term of yours. hehehe. thanks for linking me up.

6:09 PM  
Blogger angel directo said...

don't throw it out! pag mainit na ang panahon, you'll thank god for those rips! hehehe ako, ive never been able to throw out old dhoes even if they're so last season (stop it atticus, you're not suposed to say anything sarcastic). Senti ako. Andbaka magtampo iyong mga sapatos, hehehe feeling ko sa kanila, tao sila :)

atticus: where are those books? hahaha (sa mga di nakakaintindi, pag pumupunta kami sa bahay ni atticus, we "borrow" her books - and never return them, we get herr candle holders, we steal her plates, mugs, etc... you know, for our apartment!)

kaya duke, friedwater, tip lang: wag niyo na ihian si cricket. kaibiganin niyo na lang si atticus. tapos maghakot na rin kayo ng gamit niya. hehehe

8:45 AM  
Blogger chumsychums said...

huy tanga wag mo kaya itapon! tignan mo kaya sapatos ko. lahat ng chucks ko sira pero sinusuot ko pa rin kasi lab na lab ko. di ko pa rin nga tinapon yung sabi ng nanay ko itapon na eh. kahit may bago na kong chucks.

8:47 PM  
Blogger salbaje said...

thanks for the comment.

I saved up several of my first few paychecks to buy a washing (with dryspin) machine. precious. if you ever pass by corpus christi, wave a hand for me.

1:31 AM  
Blogger duke said...

angelfire. baka iba yung umalingasaw dun sa rips eh. hahahaah. mamatay pa mga katabi ko. they're not last season. i dont' think guys have last season shoes. well sneakers don't need seasons. i may be wrong. i'm throwing these out.

hoy chums. may mga bagay na pede nang itapon. basura lang yan pag di tinatapon. lapit na ako umuwi! hehehe.

salbaje. thanks for dropping by. i don't think i'l be passing by corpus christi anytime soon. tho i promise to wave when i do. kahit magmukhang tanga. hehehehehe.

6:58 PM  

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