Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home at last.

After over 7 months of living in other people’s houses, i’m home at last.


On the day i was moving back in, i saw the two painters at home and helped them move my stuff from the storage container to the house. After carrying a few loads, i was tired. A car pulled up in front of the house and ate lita and her her husband stepped out. Then came another car and ate lita’s son and grandsons stepped out. Then a red car arrived and out came my co resident. All ready to help. It was Bayanihan in the US of A. hehehehe.

I moved in 3 weeks ago to a house that is 95% finished. Spent a few days cleaning before i finally slept in my own bed with new sheets. I still didn’t get my hot water running for about a week and had no kitchen until after 2 weeks. Then my toilet started flushing hot water! ( don’t ask me how i found out, it wasn’t pleasant). One time when i got home i flipped the toilet lid up and voila! steam clouds.

The washer drain leaked, the dryer socket is 50amps instead of 30amp. I found out they forgot to install phone jacks on my walls. I called AT&T and they told me that it will cost me $120 to install ONE jack. ONE jack for $120. I wanted at least 4. It’s not rocket science to install a phone jack. I could do it myself. But i didn’t want to do it. Told the contractor to get his electrician to do it.

I’m settled now. I still do my laundry at ate Lita’s new house which is BIIIG and NIIICCCEE. Actually, I have my own room and bed at her place. I still eat dinner there every night. I don’t use my kitchen except for the microwave. I burned my chicken nuggets once and the house was full of smoke. I then realized that my contractors did not install smoke detectors. Nice.

I bought cheap curtains and a cheap rug for my room. I won’t be living here for long. In fact i’m leaving in a few weeks. So right now this is just a place for me to bunk in. My parents are arriving next week and i’ll be feeding them TV dinners on plastic plates and disposable cups. All my kitchen stuff are in a box somewhere in the garage. Did not bother to look for them.


This place just doesn’t feel like home anymore..


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