Friday, October 27, 2006


two weeks ago, i dropped by Half Priced Books along NASA road and got me 6 books. this shop had an obese cat that walked around looking like an old librarian on the prowl (i swear she did).

two days ago, i bought 20 brand new books from a bookstore that was closing. $2 for every hard bound and $1 for paperbacks.

yesterday, we discovered the public library. i bought 2 hardbounds again.

I just buy them. i know i won't have the time to read them soon. but i buy them just the same. sayang eh.

i miss the summer days when i was in elementary and the afternoons were long and hot. when everything was quiet except for the drone of the electric fan or a tricycle driving by. when everybody else was at work or taking a nap. I miss laying down on the warm sheets of the bed with a book to read, engrossed in the stories until sunset, when the streets would start buzzing with people coming home from work and manang preparing dinner. A lot of times i would run out of books to read. so i'd steal some from the library (i doubt anybody really wanted to read those books anyway). My mom would buy us books when she went to Manila. Sometimes i would restrain myself from finishing a book because i knew i wouldn't have anything left to read after and mommy didn't go to manila that often.

Now i have 28 books i would love to delve into. But i've no time.

So much to read, so little time.

maybe i'll start building my library instead.

seen my books? take your pick.

Friday, October 20, 2006


wala ako makwento, sensya na. actually, madami pala. kakatamad lang magkwento. baka akalain nyong sobrang tanga kong tao. e ayoko naman ng ganun. mejo lang. hehehe.

kaya babawi ako. post ko na lang tong pichure namin ng ibang kasama ko dito. Mejo kagalang galang naman daw para maiba.

Ayan, galangin nyo ako ulit.

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