Monday, July 28, 2008

The Hunt Is On

I have been looking for 2 roommates for over a month now. I have posted flyers and have registered online at and

So far, here are my matches. you might find them amusing.


48, Male, Single.
"I am clean and sober."

Errrr...I don't think I would like a roommate who uses those words to describe himself.

50, Male.
"Currently healing a broken heart. I just came out of a relationship."

46, Female, Smoker.

I need someone to help me with the mortgage,

36, Female, professional.
"i own 1 rare breed of dog and 2 old cats"


wait, It gets better!

26, Female, Model
"I am from Cyprus and will be going to the USA to start modeling contract. I am willing to send deposit to secure the place. Do you accept bank cheques?"

huwaw! model!!! Sure sure! Come on down!! me waiting.

28F, Nurse
"Born and bred in france, i speak french fluently so i can teach you the language.Lived all my life in Paris until mom died and had to move to S. Dakota.I served in the Paris Red Cross for 8 months,we have involved in projects that includes orphans,orphanages, heart related diseases in children betweeen the ages of 4-10yrs"

How sweet...What a saint...of course i write her back giving details of the house and utility bills.

She writes back.

"I have a sick uncle back in France that I need to see first but I will secure the place with a
deposit. Do you accept bank cheques?"

hmm...sounds familiar.

29, Male, Professional
"I own a company here in London and am planning to branch out in the USA. I will need a place to stay. Your place is just perfect. I would want to take it and am willing to pay in advance. Do you accept bank cheques?"

hmmm..something sounds familiar. and i get 11 similar emails in one day. All of them are from all parts of the world wanting to be my roommate. and they all want to secure the place with bank cheques.

verdict: I have proven, many times, that... I am hot. everybody wants to room in with me.

i google their email messages and scam scam scam is written all over. i play with some and send back innocent emails and they actually respond! They tell me their goals in life, their saintly vocations and their Christian backgrounds. after a few messages, they just stop writing back.

oh well,

i need roommates y'all!!!

akchali, may mga b*mbay din nagemail. pero syimpri ayoko kse dumidikit amoy nun sa mga dinging. not nice yun.

picture above is a view of my hallway from my old room.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


"will you miss me when you leave for california?"

"yes, tito."

"will you call me?"

"yes, tito."

"would you like to walk with me on the beach for one last time?"

"yes, tito."

our last date. getting our feet wet and picking up seashells at 10.30PM.

"Seashells" taken at the Galveston Seawall, November 2007.

Sunday, July 06, 2008



That's how many times i've kissed my sister.

1990. It was her first time away from home for a long time. She went to the Philippine Science High School and i was so excited when she came home during her first Christmas break. She waived at us from her window seat while my dad and I waited for the bus to come to a complete stop. I rushed inside and while she was trying to get her bags, i gave her a peck. she said eeewww, then wiped her cheek with the palm of her hand. It would be 14 years until i would kiss her again.

2004. Manila Centennial Airport. She was moving to Canada with her family. It was an eventful year - me passing the medical boards, my dad getting his triple bypass, and now, my sister leaving. She would now be more than a bus ride away. The atmosphere was rather uncomfortable since we weren't really a touchy-feely family. i had this swelling in my throat that grew each minute before she was to depart. And then she needed to go and the lump in my neck was about to burst. i gave her a brief peck in the same cheek and gave her a brief hug and said 'ingat'. She smiled and said goodbye, walked forward and never looked back. I saw tears welling in her eyes before she turned away.

2008. Houston International Airport. It was time to say goodbye again. I have been living with them for two years while doing residency training in Galveston. Her husband got accepted to Stanford University for fellowship, hence the move. Her family went ahead a week earlier while she stayed with the baby to finish some last errands. She was different that week, i could tell. Usually she would be irked by me for a lot of reasons, but this time she wasn't. I guess she knew she was leaving me on my own now after taking care of me all this time. After checking in all her luggage it was time to go. i gave my sister a very tight hug albeit a brief one, then i planted her a kiss, this time on the forehead. I said thank you for everything. And as i turned to give her a last wave, she was smiling...with tears in her eyes. she turned around, walked forward and never looked back. I turned back and as i blinked, the tears started falling.

Outside, the rain started to pour.

"lonely boat". Picture taken at Galveston Bay in November 2007.
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