Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sablay Again

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Before leaving the house the other night, I noted that there was no money in my wallet so I just scooped up the remaining coins in the coin plate and decided to drop by my bank’s atm machine to withdraw cash to pay my cellular bill, buy another internet card, and buy me dinner at mcdonalds.

I reached the ATM machine with a fast growing line behind me. When I opened my wallet, my dilapidated ATM card was split in to half! So what was I gonna do? I hated to leave my line just to look for some scotch tape to piece them together, so my clever mind told me to try to insert the2 pieces into the slot at the same time as if it wasn’t split. Such a genius, I am! So I did just that. At first they went in smoothly, but then piece number1 just disappeared into the slot while piece number2 got left behind with its butt sticking out! Then the machine started blinking and displaying error messages and finally displayed the “Being Serviced – Look for Another ATM Machine” sign. People started raising their voices, asking what the hell happened?! My brilliant mind told me to flee the scene of the crime. So I did.

I went straight to McDonalds just to get a grip of my current situation. I fished my pocket and came out with P4.50. Tough luck. I couldn’t pay my phonebill, couldn’t get some dinner, and worse, couldn’t go home. I saw some of my previous clerks studying and they smiled and did some small chit chat with me. I was thinking of asking them for a peso but my pride got the better of me. I tried calling my sis but she couldn’t be reached. I sat alone for two hours pretending to read while thinking of how to get out of my situation.The idea of walking home was starting to appeal to me when I remembered my friend, Rona, who just lived nearby. So she came to my rescue and lent me some cash while I gobbled up my quarter pounder meal. And then again, as always with Rona, we ended up talking about our futures and getting somewhat depressed which we made up by putting some humor in both our situations.

*Rona is also taking the US MLE but at a later date.


Anonymous abi said...

kahiya-hiya ka!!!! hahahahaha! How do you manage to be so funny when that was so unfortunate? i'm still laughing so hard...

6:28 PM  
Blogger duke said...

i could've cried, but i would have looked funnier. when things go wrong, try to laugh it off til you die of hunger, perhaps? hehehehahahaha.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous van said...

myyyyyyy goodness! :P bat hindi ka pumunta ng bangko para mag withdraw :P

ahehehe... naalala ko tuloy nung grade 2 ako, muntikan ng maglakad pauwi (from ever to feu-fern vill) dahil yung natirang bente pesos sa aking wallet ay naipambili ko pa ng BTI cone.

balik grade 2 ka rin... ahehehe

2:39 PM  

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