Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My brother called up from the province this morning. Informed us about his leaving for Manila tonite with a friend. And what are responsible adults supposed to do when expecting visitors? They clean up! And that’s exactly what my cousin and I did tonite when we realized that we were really slob extraordinaires. The sink was all dirty with piles of dishes from ages ago. The kaldero, as usual, was a zoo by itself. Thanks to the ever dependable Joy dishwashing liquid, isang patak kaya ang sangkatutak! (pidi kaya gamitin yun sa kilikile para mabilis tangganl ang deodorant? Hmmm…)

The whole house was covered in dust. A visiting cousin commented, the dust is so thick you can plant kamote. Funny we never noticed. Hahaha. Slobs. So we started to wipe the dust off of everything (more of everything people are likely to touch and see). Next thing we took care of were the scattered books and papers. Boy, did we have a lot of them. So we crammed them in every nook we could get them in and tried to make them look presentable.

I’m guessing our visitors are going to sleep in my room. So off I went to clean it up. This feat has been attempted several times without success. Here there were more books and papers to sort. I just had to put my Ken Follet collection on display. So I lined them up in front of my medical books, some I just laid on the table so as not to look like it was arranged for this occasion. (kaswal lang kunwari, hehehe). I realized that I had lots of those bags med reps liked to give away for promotion, paper bags, BIG BAGS, VERY BIG BAGS, laundry bags, small bags, tiny bags. And giveaway pens (most of which have dried up), and prescription pads, and articles on this and that, and folders, and blah blah. I stuffed them all in two BIG bags. I changed the sheets and pillow cases and shoved everything else underneath my bed (it’s a jungle down there). When I finished, my room looked pretty neat.

My cuz was brilliant enough to have the curtains laundered earlier this evening so that when she put them up again, I realized I fergot what color they really were up until now. Now our curtains are bright and cheery! Darn, Manet (or was it Monet) never washed those curtains the whole time she was with us! Well you can’t blame such simple mind.

We dumped everything else in the other room, err… well, we were already tired so we agreed to keep that room closed the whole time the visitors were here. I think it was a wise decision.

I just cleaned up Lucky’s litter box earlier this week so it didn’t require any attention. Now, for Lucky, who’s gonna be the star again, I got her cologne and sprayed her fur to her distaste. Yes, she has her own designer pet cologne aptly named Perfect Coat Select, compare to Giorgio, which I bought at bio research when I still had money a looooong time ago. Now she smells pretty good.

So what did I get from all of this? A stuffy nose. My allergic rhinitis acted up and I couldn't find my steroids. Well at least the house looks decent enough to live in…for now, at least. Ah, give it two weeks and it’ll be the same old garbage dump we call home.

Nguso, ngusooo.. Posted by Hello


Blogger tsutsugamushi said...

bwahaha! parang yung office ko, nagagalit ako pag inaayos kasi di ko makita yung mga gamit ko.

the kid version of 'nguso, nguso' seems much better than the adult version. peace!

8:30 AM  
Blogger duke said...

hahaha. i just realized that my pic was "nguso" also. ya, i think you're right. the kid version is much more adorable.

12:04 AM  

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