Saturday, April 02, 2005


March 28, 2005

Mr. *********
Human Resources Director
******. Inc


I would like to file a formal complaint regarding your company bookkeeper, Ms. Mona, who called my residence earlier today, March 28, 2005, with very rude phone decorum. My account is as follows:

At around 3PM today, my landline rang while I was at the computer. I answered to a not so pleasant female voice looking for my sister. My sister, ***, was unavailable at the moment as she was in the bathroom. I asked who was on the line and she gave her name, Mona. I was about to ask her to be more polite the next time she calls but because of the arrogance in her voice, I assumed she was my sister’s superior at work. Not wanting to put my sister’s job in jeopardy, I politely asked her to call back in five minutes because of the circumstances. Instead, she said, “hinde, sabihin mo sa kanya tumawag na lang sa akin dito sa office”, and proceeded to give her number. I said ok then put the phone down.

Ten minutes later, my cellular started to ring. The number calling wasn’t registered but I answered the call just the same. I said hello.

“Hellooooooow!!!!” , the voice answered in an irritated manner. I didn’t recognize the voice at first and was surprised to find it annoyed.

“Yes? Who’s this?”

“Asan si ***?”

“Who’s this?”

“Ako yung tumawag kanina, asan si ***?!”

“Ah nasa banyo pa eh.”

“hello?! Eh sino ba to? Ikaw ba yung kausap ko kanina?”


“Nagpapareturn call ako e hindi pa sya tumatawag ah! Kanina pa yun ah! Baka makalimutan na naman nya yung pichure (yes, she pronounced it like that) na pinapadala ko sa kanya. Yung dalawang ID pichures. Hello? Hello?!”

I was shocked at her manners. I couldn’t say a thing for a few seconds as my temper was starting to rise. I finally raised my voice a little and said, “ Can you please be a little bit nicer the next time you call?!”

Then she put the phone down.

I was so angry that I called up the landline number she gave earlier.

“Hello?” , she answered.

“Hello. I would like to speak to Mona,” I said.

“Si Mona ito.”

“Yes, I would like to ask for an explanation tungkol sa nangyari kanina nung tumawag ka sa cellphone ko. Why can’t you be more polite in answering the phone?!!”

“Ah, cellphone mo ba yun? E yun kasi yung number na nakasulat dito sa record nya eh. Tungkol kasi sa pichures.”

“Hinde, bakit ka ganyan makipag-usap?! My God! For some pictures kakasuapin mo ako ng bastos?! Sino ka?!!”

Then the line went dead. I redialed and she answered only to slam put the phone down again when she recognized my voice. I redialed a couple of times more but nobody would pick up at the other end.

I am writing this a few minutes after the incident happened so as not to distort my facts. I cannot begin to explain how angry I am feeling right now. I would not usually go this far for a petty incident but this has just got to be reported. I am aghast at your employee’s manners on the phone in spite of your company being a call center. The number she called was my cellular, my private line, a number that’s supposed to be reserved for emergency purposes regarding my sister, not a number to call when asking for ID pictures.

I would like you to look into this matter and I would like to know your actions to correct such rude behavior. I will be expecting a response soon.

Thank you for your time.


Blogger tsutsugamushi said...

doc duke,
ang init ng summer! whew!
sarap maghalo-halo!

1:29 PM  
Blogger kero said...

don, ang ganda nung ecg tracing at the end of every entry. nice nice.

10:03 PM  
Blogger kramer said...

mona mona mona.

1:31 AM  

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