Monday, June 27, 2005


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I woke up at around half past two pm today and headed to Philcoa for a late lunch, afterwhich I lingered on a few hours more at McDonalds for dinner.

While waiting, I was reading The Charm School by Nelson DeMille. The girl occupying the table before mine kept glancing back at me trying to catch my eye. Sheez, I’m really that good looking, huh? I was wearing an old shirt and had not bothered to shave and someone was trying to flirt with me. After a few minutes of acting nonchalantly I decided to give her back the stare when,

“Hi, is that a DeMille?”, she asked.
“A what??”
“That book you’re holding. DeMille?” shucks, and I thought it was my drop-dead looks.
“Oh this,” I flipped the cover, “yup, I guess it is. Just picked it up from Booksale for fifty bucks.”
“Good read. I have all of his books.”
“You do? This is my first of his…him…his.” I stuttered. I always get tongue-tied when speaking to someone who speaks straight English. “How many books has he got?” I asked trying to regain control.
“hmm..about eight I think.”
“The General’s Daughter, he wrote that,” she added.
“He did?”
“well have a good read”
“thanks.” Oh don’t leave, please don’t leave. Tell me more! Let’s have coffee. Tell me about DeMille. Tell me about you. I’ll listen, promise.
“Bye, thanks.” shucks.

On second thought, yeah, maybe it was my good looks. Bummer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha..asa ka pa! -tungerk

3:34 AM  
Blogger kero said...

uuuyyyy...feeling pogi! =P

8:16 AM  
Blogger tsutsugamushi said...

malapit na magunaw mundo..

4:26 PM  
Anonymous van said...

sheeeesh! she's trying to pick you up! :P

she wanted YOU to ask her to sit down and TALK! :P

tungaw ka talaga! damoves na ni girlalou yun eh hahahahaha...

2:07 PM  
Blogger duke said...

tungerk- umaasa pa.

kero. feeling feeling lang. bawal ba?

tsutsugamushi, bago magunaw ang mundo, kelangan di na ako berjin. wahahaha.

van, i fergot, i left out the part that she was with a guy, her boyfriend i presumed. hehehe.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous van said...

bwahahahaha... o sige, i rest my case fanatic lang pala siya ni demille at humahanap lang ng kindred spirits... ganun kase ang style ko kapag nagpapacute ako eh nyahahahahaha.

hmmm... but then again, baka hindi siya boyfriend yun.. pinsan siguro? o kapatid? kaklase?

Pag sinabi mong magkayakap sila at naglilingkisan pa, wag ka pa ring mabahala kase malay mo ay bading yung guy at mag=pseudo boyfriends lang yun. kung hindi... kung hindi...

Hmm... teka, isip pa ako ng ibang conspirational churis ...

PS: kung ba't pinag gigiitan ko yung girl na iyon ay hindi ko alam..hahahaha... amishu duke! *hugs*

8:16 PM  
Blogger kero said...

pahiram nga nyang libro mo...mukhang interesting!

9:33 PM  

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