Thursday, June 23, 2005


Let’s just say it wasn’t the best of days.

I was the only one taking step 1 that day. I was provided a locker in which to put everything I had (bag, coins, wallet, turned off phone). They told me I wasn’t allowed to wear my jacket, so off it went to the locker too. They double checked my name and picture with my ID and gave me a run through of the rules before they let me in to start. My whole exam was videotaped just in case I did something funny.

The exam was composed of 7 blocks with 50 questions each. i had an hour to finish each block and a total of at least 45 minutes for breaktime. When i take my break and how to distribute my alloted break minutes after each block was up to me. I was also provided with earmuffs and some scratch paper. The exam was multiple choice, so it's like choose the best answer: A, B, C, D..(but it doesn't stop there) E, F, G....(not here either)...H, I, J.....(and one went all the way to) K. so much for choices huh?

So I clicked the mouse and got to business. First block was ok and I finished early so I decided to continue on to the second. Now this set had photomicrographs of cells I couldn’t recognize and the questions were just so out of this world. I decided to take a break after that set. I wanted to get to my phone to text people to “PLEASE PRAY HARDER!!”, but again I was told not to use my fone. Went to the bathroom then munched on some chocolates before going back for set 3 which proved to be as difficult as the previous one: Xray plates, CT scans, more photographs and hellow(?) questions. Then I started to sneeze. And sneeze more. My rhinitis had acted up. I didn’t think it would act up today! Then my nose started dripping, but my tissue was locked up and I couldn’t take a break in the middle of the set.

I took another break after set 4. I asked the proctor to please turn the airconditioning down as I was freezing. To cut the story short, sets 2-7 were disasters. I finished at around 3:30 feeling so depressed that I walked from de la costa all the way to greenbelt, went around, walked to the Landmark, went around, walked to glorietta, went around, walked to SM, went around, took the MRT to gateway, walked around some more, took the LRT to SM centerpoint, and walked around. Finally I decided to watch the last full screening of Batman before I headed home at midnight. I called my mom to tell her about my exam. Then I hit the sack, too tired to think about anything but sleep.

Results will be out in six weeks time. I’m just not too excited to know.


Anonymous bengorts said...

don't worry. everything will be ok. isispin mo na lang hindi lang ikaw ang nahirapan sa step 1. nagmumukmok ka na lang sa bahay ngayon? punta ka na lang dito sa batanes. dito ka magmukmok. sasamahan kita...

6:57 AM  
Anonymous van said...

ewwww... booger!

PS: cliche' man ito eh sasabihin ko pa rin: wag mag-alala. everything will be fine ;)

PPS: ewwwwwww... boooger!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous miwa said...

whatever the outcome, you're till a doctor. that results won't diminish your gift to help heal other people.

uy ganda ng batman no! ganda na rin ng sinehan ng sm centerpoint hehe. cheer up! :)

10:34 PM  

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