Thursday, December 16, 2004

Of Lanterns, balls, and dongs

It’s official. I am sharing my bed with lucky. I woke up to find her spread out beside my legs without a care in the world.

Every 16th of December, a number of naked guys run through the AS bldg. in their birthday suits. The Oblation Run, they call it. And it’s a big event. The halls become too crowded hours before the actual run, even with students from other universities flocking with their cameras to catch a glimpse of some bouncing balls and dangling, tiny peckers. In my 5-year stay in the university (yes, I overdid it) I don’t remember ever going to watch the Oblation Run. Chemistry papers kept on getting in the way, or I didn’t wake up on time for it (as usual) or I just forgot the date. Every year I resolved to watch it but I never got to. Why would I want to watch such spectacle? Hmm. To compare, perhaps? Hehehehe. Posted by Hello

But I would always be there for the Lantern Parade (well actually, my sked would be for the oblation run but I would arrive for the Lantern Parade, hehehe). I remember our futile attempts at building a lantern for the biology department. We tried to make it look like a dissected frog but as we were parading it, we would hear comments such as “ano yun?”, or “psst, ano yang lantern nyo”, or people would just shush, looking forward to the next lantern. Until a little girl shouted, “Kerokeropi!!”. Hurraaaaah!!! She recognized our frog! I would’ve kissed that little girl had she not been madungis. Hemingway, that made our day. Posted by Hello

I didn’t attend today’s parade. I didn’t wake up.
Ei abs, I heard u made libre dinner. Saying, I wasn’t there.


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