Friday, December 03, 2004


Look at that pile. A friend asked me, pleaded, actually, to do an annual physical exam on male employees of a prestigious law firm in Makati. “For how much?” I asked. “P500.00.” she replied. I said “Sorry, the pay is too low and besides, there’s a storm raging outside.” She texted again a few hours later saying she couldn’t find a male doctor. She said she’s giving me P700.00 for the job but I’m to say to my fellow doctor that I was receiving the same amount originally stated. I said it’s still not worth it but because of her effort to convince me, I agreed. (feeding my ego will get you somewhere, hehehe). So woke up very early the next day, took one last look at the map (I don’t know Makati or Paseo de Roxas and I don’t have a car) and got my things ready. She said that I was to dress up well, in slacks preferably, as I was to examine lawyers. Duh. A doctor in jeans is the same deal as a doctor in a coat. But I complied.
I picked up my things and looked for an umbrella. Again, only the pink one was available. I decided to head to makati without one despite the super typhoon. Dumb idea. All classes and gov’t offices were suspended nationwide that day, but this was a private office. All time I prayed that it wouldn’t rain. But when I reached Cubao it just poured.

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Good thing an old woman was selling umbrellas. Only, they were priced at P65.00 each when they could be bought at Divisoria for P20.00. But what could I do at this time? I got one before she ran out of stock. They were selling like hotcake. I then realized how many people as dumb as me thought they could get to their destination in this weather without getting wet.
Shucks, MRT operation was suspended. I was running late so I took the first bus I saw going to Ayala, an ordinary bus. I figured out, with this weather, I didn’t need to ride an airconditioned one. But I came to realize that airconditioned buses ran much faster than the ordinary ones. But I stuck to my bus.
I went down along Ayala and proceeded to strut under my new umbrella. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Walk along Ayala avenue dressed as a yuppie, trying to look busy or in a rush for an appointment, along with other yuppies on their cellulars. You know, that kind of stuff you see on TV. But wait… there was no one walking with me! The avenue was deserted, save for one or two people scurrying trying to get out of the rain. Oh well, I didn’t want to spoil my day, so I proceeded. These tall buildings never fail to amaze me. I wanted to have an office in one, with a very good view of the metropolis. Well, I got a clinic in Quiapo, with a good view of the church and the bustling vendors and buyers three floors down. Not bad.
I reached the building. Got lost (I didn’t know not all elevators stopped on all floors). But finally found the office. It was posh. I especially liked the shelves. The team coordinator handed me some gloves. I asked what they were for? She said they were for my rectal examinations. Ugh!! I knew I shouldn’t have accepted the job. I thought there couldn’t be anything worse, but on my checklist, there was a space for hernia. Double UGH!! The office didn’t even provide me with a decent trash box so I just collected them on the floor. Can you count how many gloves I used? Posted by Hello


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