Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bye, Bye, FPJ

I woke up at 5:30pm again today. Lucky was sleeping across the lower half of my bed in a position wherein I couldn’t stretch myself the whole length of the cot so that I was crouched in the upper half of the mattress the whole time. She’s getting the hang of this. Next thing I know I might be sleeping on the floor with her taking over my bed.

Da King passed away yesterday at 65, after a massive stroke over the weekend. Kewl, another strategy to scare my patients! He will be one example they can relate to. I’m starting to see his death in a different light.

This is really kewl. Movie stars ang fans are flocking to his wake at the Sto. Domingo church to view his remains! Movie stars!! Sheez, a friend texted me earlier saying Carmina Villaroel was there earlier as she heard it on the news. Hmm, I think I should go and pretend to be a mourning fan to catch a glimpse of them.

Poe was "a good man, a worthy adversary in politics and a great Filipino," president GMA said in a statement. Yadayadayada. Posted by Hello


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