Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What Now?

The call came today while I was in the clinic.
The chief resident said, “Hi. This is Dr. Cayetano, regarding your application. The consultants are excited to have you as a resident here.” (duh, they would have been excited for any fart
applying for residency, but again, it feeds my ego, hehehe *puff puff*).
“So, when are you available for your interview?” (huh? I thought they did the scheduling..har...har har!!! *puff puff* getting bigger…)
I said, “Uh, ma’am, I have clinic kse eh. But I’m free Wednesdays.”
She goes, “ Ok, save my number, I will be calling you one of these Wednesdays before Christmas. Three consultants will be interviewing you. Around what time ka available?Morning?” (*puff puff puff* getting bigger…this is kewl…)
And here goes the clincher… I say…”uh, ma’am, hapon na lang siguro. I might be asleep pa kse kung umaga“ (*puff puff* I’m ready to burst! Hehehe.)

But she insisted I wake up early na lang. Fart.

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So it still doesn’t solve my dilemma. No one I know (‘cept for a little bird) wants me to do residency there. My mom openly says she wants me to train in a government hospital (as if I want more toxicity, duh). My sister and brother-in-law want me to take the USMLE, and are willing to spend for it (lucky me, huh?). Another friend tells me not to train in the hospital I applied in, “FOR MY OWN SAKE” (scary). And two chirping chuchubelles seconded. My dad, on the other hand, still doesn’t understand why I need to go into 3 more years of training when I already have my M.D. (he thinks the cash flows in once you’re an G.P.) but I’m pretty sure he’ll be supporting me (financing, included). My other sister and brother...well they couldn’t care less, they’ve got their own lives.

Maybe I’ll decide when she calls again. Posted by Hello


Blogger Danielle Nicole said...

You're going to do your residency there. I can feel it.

6:24 AM  

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