Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve. All buses and planes are booked and I’m stranded here at home. My sis and counsin left for the province two days ago. Manet (my katulong) is spending Christmas eve with her aunt. Lucky is curled up on the sofa waiting for me to finish with the computer before she heads off to bed with me. Every year at this time my asthma and rhinitis act up. I can’t find my steroids and all I have is my beta2 agonist and some Nafarin-A. I took two tabs a couple of hours ago which caused me to doze off. I had Mcdonalds for Christmas dinner and I bought myself KFC (1pc chix original, thigh) in case I wake up for the Noche Buena. I also bought myself a chicken burger, again from KFC, in case Manet (or was it monet? I swear I don’t know her real name) fails to show up for breakfast tomorrow. I have Ken Follet’s The Hammer of Eden to keep me company tonight. I’m fine by myself. Well it’s just another night. Somehow I think lucky feels lonely now that everyone has left. She follows me around the house and keeps close to my feet always. I woke up to find her sitting beside me in bed a while ago. Poor kitty.

Merry Christmas everyone. Eat to your hearts’ content and regret it later Posted by Hello

Thanks abi, nat, doki, & hans for inviting me to spend Christmas with you.


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