Tuesday, December 21, 2004


These people are the friends I have shared every single day of clerkship and internship with; who have seen me at my worst and best; whom I slacked with, slept with, cried with, did special punishments with; cursed with and cursed at; people who sometimes wanted to kill me, while I, likewise, plotted to take their lives when they were asleep. Friends who sympathized with me by hating the people I hated, and didn’t laugh while I was being slaughtered during rounds and conferences (while I did otherwise). Colleagues, who, when I wasn’t on duty, either took care or killed my patients, both of which worked to my advantage. Supporters, by which I would never have survived medicine.


First picture taken xmas 2003. Second picture, taken this year. A few pounds heavier and a whole lot smarter. Godbless us, doctors. Merry Christmas. Posted by Hello


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