Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Met Superman

I was tired and my shift was almost over. I was doing my Pediatrics ER rotation. I checked the computer for the wait list and saw the next one was a 5 year old male with a chest wound. Room 45.

I dragged myself to the door, straightened my coat and took a deep breath, knocked, opened the door and put on my best smile.

Me: Hi! I'm Dr. Duke, how may i help you ? (trying to sound it wasn't my 20,000th greeting for the day )

I shook the parents' hands and turned to the bed where a 5 year old boy was sitting up with an outstreched hand eagerly waiting for me to shake his hand.

Me: Hey buddy! how are you? My name is Duke. What's yours?

S: Hello. I'm Superman.

Me: Ermmm...ok. Wow, i get to meet superman! How are you today?

And he started to tell me his story...

S: ...and i was fighting them bad guys (breathes) and they run away (breathes) and then i go after them (breathes) and then i fly (breathes) and then the bed (breathes)..i hit the bed.

Me: Awww....

Mom intrudes: he jumped from the floor to the bed and the sharp metallic corner caught his chest. he always hurts himself. he just broke his arm last year. but he still keeps running and jumping around.

Me: Well they're boys. i guess they're bound to have a scratch or two at this age. Hey superman, may i see your chest?

Superman: No. (he pulls the blanket to his neck)

Me: Why not?

Superman: Because (breathes), because it hurts.

Me: Hmm..want a popsicle?

Superman: Yes!

Me: Ok, lemme take a look at your wound first so we can fix you.

Superman: OK. (he shows me his chest with a linear laceration on the sixth intercostal space on the left)

Me: Would you let me touch it? I'm not going to hurt you. I just need to see how deep it is.

Superman: I want two popsicles. (he negotiates)

Me: hehehe. Ok, i'll give you two popsicles.

The wound looked superficial but i wanted to take some xrays to make sure he did not have a puncture wound or fractures.

Me: Hey buddy, let's take a picture of your chest, ok?

Superman: No.

Me: It won't hurt, i promise.

Superman: No.

Me: But how are you going to save the world if you have a wound?

Superman: Hmmmmm (eyes roll up). Ooowkaaay.

After a few minutes and two popsicles...

Me: The xray was fine. We just need to patch you up! (i had the dermabond in my hand)

Superman: No.

Me: I will just glue your skin to close your wound. It's like Superbond! Superman with Superbond. Wouldn't that be cool?

Superman: No.

Me: You can show all your friends your wound after we finish. It will look nice! They will envy you!

Superman: No.

He was living up to his Man Of Steel image. He wouldn't budge.

Me: Oh, i thought superman was brave. I guess i was wrong....he's scared of a little glue.

Superman: Am not!

Me: But you are!

He shows me his wound and turns his head the other way. I bend down to apply the dermabond.


Me: ey, i havent touched you yet.


I take advantage of his bravado. Wound approximated. I give the final instructions and say goodbye.

Superman reappears at the nurses station with a blanket cape around his neck . He finds me on the computer.

Superman: where are my stickers?

Me: Wha..what? I thought you already left.

Superman: You're supposed to give me stickers.

Me: that so? (i searched the drawer for superman stickers). Ok here you go. You're doing a good job saving the world.

He grabs the stickers and gives me a thumbs up sign and flies to the door where his parents were waiting for him.

Reminds me of Little David.


Blogger Alan Tanga said...

galing ng story! Nonfiction ba to? ahehehe.

12:34 PM  
Blogger the caterpillar said...

why were you supposed to give him stickers? and why do you have superman stickers in your drawer? hehehe... nangungulit lang.

3:09 PM  
Blogger atticus said...

hmmm...ang lakas ng charm mo sa mga bata. it takes a rascal to understand a rascal. hehe. ipapabuhat ko sa iyo pangkin ko.

10:40 PM  
Blogger angel directo said...

why were you supposed to give him stickers? and why do you have superman stickers in your drawer? hehehe... nangungulit lang. --- OO NGA, EXPLAIN MO ITO. HAHAHA :)


3:40 AM  
Blogger faye clarice said...

hahaha.. i love this.. i was about to say it's like little david.. =p

7:19 AM  
Anonymous liz said...

great writing! i would love to meet the little Superman too. and also...why do you have superman stickers in your drawer? the public needs to KNOW!

anyways, please do visit me sometime. link ex?

11:31 AM  
Blogger jho said...

you should have asked for an autograph (hehehe). That is the way with kids, bribery.

i like your blog. will link you up.

10:51 AM  
Blogger - rain - said...

I can just imagine you when you have kids of your own. :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Bugsybee said...

I have fever today so I want Superman stickers too! LOL

I like this story, Doc Duke!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

(swoons over duke - man in uniform and great with kids) wala pa bang nakakabingwit sa yo, tae ka?

nice story, doc. baka next time ang buong superfriends pumunta sa yo, gudlak. wala nang sticker ng WONDER TWINS at ni GLEEK. hahahaha! ang age group talaga.

btw, i laughed so hard when i read caterpillar's comment coz i thought of the same thing. its a valid question which requires an answer.

(drums fingers while everyone stares at you waiting for an answer)

7:21 PM  
Blogger Phanyang said...

Gwapong Doctor Duke, eh ako'y nagtataka po lamang ba't may superman stickers ka?Alam mo na ba na batang Superman patient mo b4 cya dumating? Nyahehehehe. In fairness, napakaimaginative mo at galing ng story. hehehe.---peace-- ;)

Idol! you're the man----*winks*


1:15 PM  
Anonymous mm said...

hehe! cute! ung email ko sa iyo niresend ko:) sana di mo na ako inispam ha!:D

7:52 AM  
Anonymous mm said...

wahhhh shempre pa kakasabi ko lang na rinesend ko, bumalik sa akin.:( anong latest email mo ba ngayon? thanks again!:)

7:55 AM  
Blogger rheiboy17 said...

haha, i think that superboy will be reach in no time. malamang business course kukunin nun.

as for you? good patient care! kung dito yan sa pinas, binigyan ka na ng tinapay ng mga bantay.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous candice said...

cutie!!! galing mo duke!!!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous abi said...

aaawwww.... nakakagigil!!!!! ang cute cute naman ng kulit na 'yan. cutesypookaloobabybooboo... hahahaha!!

siguro inis na inis ka na naman. Tayo ka na ng pediatric hospital dito.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Alternati said...

hehehe cool.

I didn't know reverse psychology still works on kids these days.

Great entry.

1:32 AM  
Blogger atticus said...

mag-post ka na nang bago. kailangan kong matawa. eleksion na rito. nakakangarag na.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

miss na miss na kita, duke!!!!!!! magpost ka na. siguro may miranda grey ka na jan noh? (sobs)

5:25 PM  
Blogger duke said...

alan tanga. walang fiction sa blog ko. yung sinabi kong guwapo ako? nonfiction din yun. as in. hahaha.

the caterpillar. because i give my patients stickers or toys or whatever makes them happy. and it was the Pediatrics ER nurses station drawer. hahahahaha.

atticus. i get along well with kids. kakapagod nga lang.

angel directo. hahaha. i think he's an only child. and again, hindi ko drawer yun, sa pedi ER yun, lahat ng abubot andun para sumaya mga bata.

faye clarice. i knew it was like little david kaya inunahan ko na. hahaha.

liz. you'll meet superman. actually that was the second superman in the ER that i saw. but with the first one i had to be batman so he'd like me.

jho, i don't think he knew how to write yet. hehehe.

rain. i can't wait. :)

bugsybee. for adults like you i just give the shots without bribing. hahahaahah. i'm glad you liked the story better than little david.

jerome aka bridget jones. hahahaha! wonder twin powers activate! kami ng ate ko yan dati nung mga bata kami eh. may plastic ring pa kami, yung libre sa chichiria. and again, the answer to the question re superman stickers in the drawer, it's a pediatrics ER so we have lots of things to keep kids happy. i eat the popsicles when i'm hungry too. hehehe.

Phanyang_balani. daming rolls ng stickers dun. actually may powerpuff girls. alangan naman yun ibigay ko sa kanya diba. e di sinuntok ako nun. saka may superman stickers naman, kaya yun na lang binigay ko.

mm. huy, di ko na mahanap sa spam mail ko yung email mo. hahahaa. so di ko ma unspam. friendster msg mo na lang ako. hehehehe.

rheiboy17. pasalamat lang ng magulang ok na saken. madaming bastos din kse dito. utusan ang tingin nila sa doktor. parang ganito..may sakit ako, gamutin mo ako. ganun lang. hehehe. daming ganun. kung may tinapay, e di kainin.

candice. lapit na tayo magkita!!

abi. T or DC? ayoko ng batang may sakit. gusto ko healthy sila. ayoko yung mga umiiyak. hehehe.

alternati. oh yeah. specially with kids that imaginative? you tell me. they really live in their make believe world. sakyan mo lang. hahaha.

atticus and jerome. oo na! andyan na! may kasunod na! demanding.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS IS SO NICE! It made my day. Hope you are well.

- Radioactive Adobo

8:53 PM  

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