Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Ever since Manet (or monet?) left, the laundry became a daunting task. Well the other night I needed to buy detergent. Scanning the shelves for a good one, I saw this brand with claimed to have what they called “microscrubbers”. Hmmm, sounds good to me. By the term alone, I deduced that it packed in it lots of little minions who washed the clothes by themselves. Actually, I was looking for that brand which had two invisible hands doing the laundry for you while you watched TV or slept, but this came to sight. I think this is much better no?

So as soon as I got home, I soaked my clothes and waited for those “microscrubbers" to do their job. I could actually hear their wee voices chirping at each other while getting to work. And singing while at it too! So I left them there while I surfed the net.

An hour later I came back and listened….the singing and chirping were gone. So I assumed that the job was done. I decided to rinse my clothes, put some clothes conditioner and hung them to dry. Voila! Clean as can be! I wouldn’t have noticed any difference from Manet’s (or monet’s) handwashing. With them doing all the work and stuff, doing the laundry is a breeze.

microscrubbers”…I like the term..yeah…”microscrubbers

If anyone ever sees “microchousecleaners” or “microdishwashers” or “microlitterboxemptiers” , please, please do inform me.


Blogger bugsybee said...

Hey, Doc, I also need microscrubbers and microhousecleaners and microwhatever... Seriously, I stopped using white when the laundry shop couldn't keep my clothes "immaculately white" so I think I will hunt for the microscrubbers later today. :)

8:43 AM  
Blogger kulotski said...

Don't forget the fabric softeners =).

I learned a lot of those household chores when I lived abroad for a few years. Comes in handy when your help leaves you here in Pinas.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Patrice said...

Hi Duke!

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1:13 AM  
Anonymous mei said...

haha! guys talaga! of course you still need to scrub the clothes yourself...kahit konti lang, just to get the dirt off them. at sabi ni mareng winnie, wag mo agad itapon coz pwede pang pang-second batch yan... hahaha! gudlak!

1:53 AM  
Blogger Somnambulist Nocturnal said...

but i heard Ariel is a bit too expensive. oh well, they needed to put a premium on the "invisible hands." and Surely, an economist herself, mareng winnie can surely explain it the "Adam Smith" way. hahaha! =)

9:22 AM  
Blogger goryo4u said...


mawawalan ng trabaho yung laundry man namin 'nyan if our company finds out what these micromini-things do.

pero doc duke, wag mo lang kalimutan ihiwalay ang puti sa de-kolor!


12:24 PM  
Blogger Somnambulist Nocturnal said...

it would interesting to hear somebody call you Doc Duke (dok duk!) hehe. =)

12:47 PM  
Blogger chumsychums said...

bumili na rin ako nun.naglaba ako kagabi.di pala.naglaba ang microscrubbers kagabi.hehe. deh.kinusot ko naman konte.

2:52 PM  
Blogger duke said...

bugsybee, you can find them in your favorite grocery stores. hmm, want the hospital we use hydrogen peroxide to whiten our coats when they get splattered with blood. hehehe.

kulotski, yea, sometimes you don't need to iron you clothes when you use these fabric softeners.

Patrice, i dropped by. haven't got around the emailing stuff but i will find time later to do it. thanks for the link!

Mei, hmmm, pano mo lam si mareng winnie nag-eendors nun at di si lumen?

SomnambulistNocturnal, geeze, i need to pixellize(ate?) the label more? you and mei seem to know the product. and now that you mention it, yea, i think it sounds funny, doc duke. but it's just in the blogworld i'm called that. hehehe.

Goryo4u, oo pare, i learned the hard way. ngayon pati de kolor, nakahiwalay per color. hahahaha.

chumsychums, huuuu, naglaba daw. as if. i'm sure tamad ka din maglaba at pinabayaan mo silang nakababad.

4:39 AM  
Anonymous van said...

irog, nasusuwelduhan ba ng matino yang mga microscrubbers na yan? baka magstrike yan sa abuso... lalo na kung isang buwan worth of labahin yung pinatrabaho mo... ahehehehe

11:14 AM  

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