Monday, January 10, 2005


Today I downloaded and filled up the application forms for the USMLE step1. It will cost my sister and her husband 805 US dollars (roughly P45k). scary. isn't that enough pressure to pass??

A friend and I dropped by the Kaplan review center the other day to check how the review process goes. There were rows and rows of television sets with students listening to videos of lectures via earphones. I asked how much would it cost me. the review was priced at P35k but is to increase to P41k by mid january. Huwaaaaaaaat???!! But of course i pretended to look calm and just nodded. We asked for some brochures and took a last look at the privileged people before we left. There is no way i am going to afford this one.

I tried to brush up on fluids and electrolytes but months of idleness seemed to have dulled my mind. I had a hard time trying to absorb the book, which incidentally was entitled Made Ridiculously Simple.

Couple Posted by Hello

Taken in Boracay one afternoon in 2002. Eugene is studying for the feb boards while Victoria is now a first year resident of Internal Medicine at the PGH.


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