Saturday, January 08, 2005

Big Time

The other night I had dinner with the mayor of Manila and a few congressmen from the House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii (one of whom was a personal friend and the reason why I actually got to hobnob with the rich and famous that night). Well ok, there were other important people there whom I didn’t know. Of course they didn’t know me either. I got a chance to be introduced to the Mayor by my friend and got to shake his hand and exchange a few words (few meaning about 6 words or so). It was so impersonal and I think he even didn’t get my name, but hey, you don’t get to do this everyday. Dinner actually sucked as they served crabs and lobsters and seafood (allergies). But I was there for a personal reason. I had my own agenda, one of utmost importance to me, of which I will not mention here yet.


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