Monday, January 03, 2005

Good 2004

2005. Everybody seems to be reflecting on the year that was. Here’s mine.

I finished internship in May with SPs in OB. Damn them all. I then started to review for the medical boards and gained 10lbs in those 3 months of review, took the licensure examination in August and by God’s grace, took my oath in September. Dad got a new lease on life with his triple bypass at the heart center (this was last year’s highlight, I guess) and everyone in the family became health conscious after that. Lucky came to touch our lives and scratch our sofas, while my sis’ family left for Canada in November. Got my student’s driving license finally and started to learn to ride behind the wheel just last week (thanks, Weng) . Spent New Year’s Eve with my family, finally, after two years of having it in the hospital. And I started to live off on my so-called earnings and have been 2 months allowance free from my parents. I was seen on national tv three times and had an invitation to be featured in the local newspaper.

So there. That was my year in a box. Not bad, I may say, not bad.

Everything with God’s grace. God is good. Posted by Hello


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