Sunday, January 09, 2005


Sorting thru my pile under the bed last month, I came across some pictures I had taken three years ago using my sister’s manual SLR camera which had a lot of problems but was still useable nonetheless. The cam’s lightmeter wasn’t working and the lenses had traces of molds growing inside. I couldn’t afford to have it fixed and cleaned. I couldn’t even afford to buy myself a photography book hence I would frequent Powerbooks just to read about shutter speeds, apertures and stuff about photography. In the next couple of days I will be posting shots of friends who volunteered (were coaxed and bribed, rather) to be my subjects. some were candid, tho.

coffee Posted by Hello

taken at a coffeeshop in quezon city while studying for an exam in physiology. the film looks overexposed at the left side but i like how the photo turned out. reason for the overexposure is a leak in the cam where some light could get into the film slot. i told you it was an old cam. that's susan (left) and rina (right). Rina is currently a first year resident of plastic surgery at the PGH while susan is studying for the february boards.


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