Thursday, January 13, 2005


Eversince our tv went kaputs (3 months ago), our primary resource for daily events was our housemaid’s tabloid, Bulgar. Yup, I never thought we would go that far, but we did. It started out as Manet (or monet) bringing home a copy which we, due to the lack of things to read and to do, browsed through it. This harmless act led to another and eventually became a ritual which we would muse over the breakfast table every morning. I, myself, would go directly to Christy Fermin’s column and try to guess the blind items which weren’t so blind afterall. Manet had them all stacked and stapled by dates and soon her pile grew. I think she was proud of her collection. Once in a while I would bring home a broadsheet, like The Philipine Star for example, and every body would just delve into it to have a taste of pure, unadulterated news. But that wasn’t often.

Manet (or monet) didn’t come back after the Christmas break (good riddance). And she brought with her the Bulgar collection. Now we don’t have our daily gossip and blind items to wake up to. I don’t know what has become of Cristy Fermin’s expose on Aubrey Miles' alleged son. I haven’t got any good story on ABS-CBN’s van being burned down aside from the bits and pieces I hear from people. I don’t know how Krystala is faring in the ratings versus Mulawin.

Once again, we have become recluses from the outside world . And I miss Kuya Germ’s Master Showman. (walaaaaaaaaang tulugaaaaaaaaaan!!)


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