Thursday, January 20, 2005


I cannot believe that I, 26 years old, a registered physician, failed to open an ATM savings account at RCBC today due to……lack of identification cards! This is absurd! I presented my PRC card which indicated my profession and the teller looked at me and asked what my profession was. Either she was a total bitch or just plain dumb (I’d like to think she’s more of the latter). She then asked me why there wasn’t any signature behind the card. Well fine! I got the card and signed. Next thing she asked me was my real age. I wanted to bitchslap her right there and then. But I put on my sweetest smile just to get over with this nonsense. She asked me for another ID. I don’t know why my PRC card wouldn’t suffice. The next thing I had was my student’s driver’s license which had my picture and full name printed on it. She said it wasn’t valid. I asked why. This was a valid government-issued ID. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be valid. She said she wanted a laminated driver’s license. Oh, fart. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. The next thing I presented was my U.P. alumni card (ya, desperate measures) which was just a laminated piece of cardboard with my picture in it. But for some strange reason beyond my humble comprehension, she accepted it. Why? Because had University of the Philippines written on it. Don’t ask me. Please don’t.

But that wasn’t enough. She still needed another supporting ID. I wanted to bite her nose off. I said I had an atm card and she answered that will do. But when I showed her my dilapidated atm card, she said didn’t want it. I pleaded and pleaded until she finally agreed to show my driver’s license to her supervisor for validation. It was almost 3pm when her supervisor came out of her cubicle “Sir, why did you came only now?”. argghhh!! another dumb bitch to contend with. Lord help me. To make the long story short, they wanted another ID. Period. They asked if I had a passport to which I replied I did which expired in 1988 when I was 10 years old. She asked me to bring it tomorrow so I could open my account.

Don’t ask me. Please don’t.


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