Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm Back!

Christian, joan, and I relax during the weekend. Posted by Hello

It’s been two weeks. I’ve been going from town to town in the province doing annual physical examinations on public school teachers and although it was tiring, doing it was just great. The team I was with was composed of 3 doctors (me included), two med techs, an xray technician (who was just too dumb to care about radiation), an administrative officer (whom we actually could do without), a finance officer (who was better at washing dishes than doing the money thingey), a team leader (who looked more like a full blown AIDS patient and, and who screwed things up pretty much), and about 5 buhat boys who drank Emperador brandy every night. Nevertheless, joan, Christian, and I, made the best out of everyday by giving our patients satisfactory consults. Might be heading back on Monday.


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