Friday, June 06, 2008

All in 2 Weeks

What can go wrong in 2 weeks?

Lemme tell you.

1. I woke up one morning, showered, dressed, walked out to my car only to see this.

Of course i immediately checked the glove compartment and the spot in between the front seats where i keep things....nothing missing. There was still $30 in there. Whew.

...hmm...So why would the asshole break my car window and not take anything? Anyway, that window would cost me $252.00 to replace later that day. Kaching! Kaching!!

2. So i walk back into the house announcing to everyone..."my car window has been smashed...but they didn't take anything."

Then my sister asks...."how about jill?"

Shit! i run back. How could i forget jill?! of course, she wasn't on the dashboard anymore. They abducted her!!! waaaaaa!!! There goes my $600 GPS. Kaching! Kaching!!

I knew i wouldn't surive without a GPS so i bought a new jill that cost me $292. Kaching! Kaching!!

3. I called work that i wasn't going to make it to the hospital today. So i went to the dealership to have my window replaced ($252). And since i was already there, i also went in the for the scheduled maintenance of my car. I had the new window tinted and they found something wrong with my right front wheel which they repaired. Maintenance cost: $290. Kaching! Kaching!!

4. Days later, i went to the bathroom to pee. when i bent down, i saw my phone slide from my breast pocket in to the yellow sea in front of me...which was of course my fresh, warm pee. I saw it all in slow motion. i also saw my hands go for the phone , also in slow motion. Plok plok! That phone cost me...oh, it was a gift. It was the first phone i ever owned that had a camera and bluetooth.

I needed a phone, so i got the same model and bought some casing with it for added protection. I don't think they sold one that was urine-proof. Cost me $42 for the replacement. Kaching! Kaching!!

5. I was driving my sister's CRV along harborside, when i saw this black CRV (same model) drive up alongside me. I looked to see that the driver was this lady with short, chic, black hair, and wearing big dark sunglasses. She sped up. I stepped on the gas to catch up and took a second look. She looked at me....looked back on the road and then smiled to herself. the smile was strange though, sort of the smile you do when you knowingly face i smiled to myself also and turned my attention back to the road.

and i saw why she had that resigned smile.

two policemen on motorcycles, one beaming a radar on my car. we were both running 11mph above the speed limit.

so there, two CRVs being trailed by two cops on motorcycles along harborside.

The ticket would have cost me $200 but i chose to take the defensive driving course instead. it cost me $108 plus $25 registration fee. Kaching! Kaching!!

6. I felt hungry. i saw some cup noodles in the cupboard and decided to heat one in the microwave. open microwave, insert cup with water and cover, close microwave, set to 1.5minutes, start. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz....i smell smoke....i see smoke....where there is smoke there is that fire i see? Yes, it was fire.

the underside of the cupnoodles' cover was made of foil.

All in two weeks y'all!


Oh and then two weeks later, i woke up late, missed my flight to Colorado, and paid $308 for a new ticket. Kaching! Kaching!!

I am soo not eating this month.

Please send your donations to Myanmar and China.
Bless your hearts. Just click here. *evil grin*



Juice ko! Kaloka sa gastos! Welcome back, Duke!!!!!

4:15 PM  
Blogger pilimon said...

doc baka may konting barya ka pa dyan.. ampunin mo na ko..

babantayan ko kotsse mo..


ako na rin magluluto ng noodle mo!

para lahat ng magagastos mo ibibigay mo na lang sakin..


4:36 PM  
Blogger Lene said...

Hey, welcome back! And what a 'grand' comeback..he he You have 'magastos' stories to share. :p

Grabe, I just hope in the coming weeks, luck will be on your side again!

Hayaan mo na yung gastos...just be safe next time.

Btw, thanks for the message. God bless!

5:26 PM  
Blogger kero said...

good to see you back!

10:11 PM  
Blogger munificent panyang said...

Doctor Dukes Dukes Dukes... Hehehe... Ano yung mga yun? Malas or swerte?! Hehehe. Kasi mayaman ka ng masyado kaya ayon ayon. hehe. btw, kakalungkot nun. parang milyones gastos mo lahat lahat. tsk.. tsk...

Duke,gwapo! welcome back po! muwa muwa. hehehe. ;)

1:34 AM  
Blogger Wil said...

Man, that sure is one pricey GPS system. They would come in handy. I'd like to get one someday.... maybe when the price goes down to $30. ;)

6:32 AM  
Blogger Bugsybee said...

ha ha ha! this is sooo like you! Welcome back, Doc Duke!jnvg

4:20 PM  
Blogger rheiboy17 said...

weebee! don't worry, atleast you have the money for all those,

RK (rich kid!)kaching kaching!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Rudy said...

Asus! Kababalik mo lang sa blogging (for the nth time) puro kaching kaching agad. Hmm... mukhang overflowing ka ngayon sa greenbacks ah, pautang naman diyan... :-D

8:51 PM  
Blogger jho said...

ano ba yan. ako isang taon hindi kakain dahil sa kaka "kaching-kaching" na yan. if you convert it in peso, kahit instant noodle titipirin ko. hehehe.

11:58 AM  
Blogger atticus said...

duke, there are days and there are days.

pero ikaw...there are weeks and there are weeks.

ganito na lang: buti na lang sa kabila ng mga kaching-kaching na iyan, pogi ka at may poise.

iyong iba, wala lahat niyan. o ha?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous van said...

na-reduce ng di oras ang pitaka mo.. tsk tsk...

4:19 PM  
Anonymous miwa said...


sa tagal mo nawala, siguro puro overtime ka. May overtime ba mga doktor? Kung meron, edi ang yaman mo na kaya okay lang yan. Konting bawas lang yan sa patas. :)

pero seryoso, after that speeding ticket, dapat man lang nakuha mo yung number nung "lady with short, chic, black hair, and wearing big dark sunglasses." ;)

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kawawa naman si jill. baka minamaltrato na sya ngayon..

Alan T.

11:27 AM  
Blogger dr_clairebear said...

ouch! i feel for you. :P

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Jen said...

homaygad. ang laki ng damage ah. such a funny post!

(Hello, I got to your blog from Snglguy's.)

9:29 AM  
Blogger duke said...

genius. juice mo! ang gastos nga. tenk you.

pilimon. kelangan ko ng marunong magplantsa! hahahaah.

lene. ang drama ng huling post mo. yun lang.

kero. glad to be back.

Panyang. malas yun. di pa ako mayaman. hamo, sasabihin ko sayo kung mayaman na ako.

wil. yup, it was pricey two years ago. current price of the same model is now down to $280 dollars. in just 2 years. sheez. how's the bay area?

rheiboy. sows, hindi dapat dun ilalaan yun pera ko. kelangan ko lang talaga ireplace kse necessity yung mga yun....ata. oo. wag na kumontra. nagastos na eh!

bugsybee. yup, so tanga like me again. i guess it's the weather.

rudy. oo kababalik ko lang...for the nth time nga. tama ka dyan. hahahah. salamat sa pagpapaunlak at pagdaan sa aking blog. wala na ngang pera eh mangungutang ka pa!

jho. mga dalawang taon siguro. hahahahah.

atticus. sabi nila, it comes in threes daw. tae, eh lumampas na ako eh!

van. ay buhay ka pa!

miwa. lol, di pa ako kumikita ng totoong kita. nasa training pa lang ako eh. di ko nakuha number nun. nagspeed ulet papalayo saken. buwahahahaahah!

alan tanga. maligo ka na. at magsepilyo.

Dr. clairebear. san ka patungo?

jen. thanks for dropping by!

3:19 PM  
Blogger UtakMunggo said...

may balat ka ba sa pwet doc? haha

if it were me in your shoes i'd probably be in the loony bin right now.

..and my shrink would be laughing his way to the bank.


3:12 PM  
Blogger baktin said...

dami ng fans mo duke. box office ang comeback.

short term solution po: hire a personal secretary.

kaching kaching kaching. >:)

7:40 AM  

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