Saturday, November 20, 2004

NBI clearance

I arrived at the NBI clearance center in Carriedo, preparing my dialogue and P500 to buy off any official to expedite the processing of my sister's papers. I went straight up to the IRD officer, rehearsing my lines for bribing, trying to say them nonchalantly, while climbing the stairs. But the officer was so nice (there are still nice people in government) and said I could get my papers the same day if the lines weren't that long. He told me to proceed to the second floor for the fees. I went down, expecting long tedious lines but voila! Look the the deserted place. I got my sis' clearance in 15 minutes. Then I decided to get my own NBI clearance as well. I just had to take advantage of the situation. I got everything done in 30 minutes without even having to bribe anyone.
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