Friday, November 19, 2004


Raprap. The son of the polyclinic's owner. So I guess I need to be nice to him even if he wakes me up during my nap hours (which is practically the whole day except lunchtime, of course) and drags me to the xray room to draw him dinosaurs. So I draw. I don't know if he realizes that the real dinos of long ago didn't really have two heads, or breathed fire, or had feathers. I just feed his imagination. Poor kid. ;P
Oh, I made him cry today. I told him that my big dinosaur ate his little, ugly looking dinosaurs. Good thing his mom had a headache and was sleeping too. I just drew him two better looking creatures to make him stop crying and asked him to pose for this shot. Then I went back to sleep.
hmm, i made 2 people cry today.
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