Tuesday, November 08, 2005


having heard all kinds of horror stories from doctor friends who have applied and been denied of a US VISA to take their exam, i have been scared of going to my own interview. this was a make or break situation. If nurses are given visas left and right, doctors need to cut off a limb to convince the consul of their return.

this was a job for.....my charm. *snickers*

i was interviewed not by one, but by two consuls. not in a booth but in a room. I figured out i needed to bring out all the charm i had -- double strength.

let's just say it ended up with them giggling behind the glass wall and me walking out of the room with my yellow slip, smiling and of course, singing.


kidding aside, i'm thankful for all your prayers. God is good.


Anonymous chumsy said...

praktisado ang ngiti eh.

5:26 AM  
Blogger sam said...

huwaw! galing mo! :) god bless!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Citizen of the World said...


10:00 AM  
Blogger atticus said...

congrats! wagi ka talaga.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous mei said...

go dok! buti na lang babae yung mga nanginterview sa'yo. pero kung hindi naman, kung para sa'yo, para sa'yo, ika nga. kaya wag ka masyadong bilib sa iyong charm. heehee!!! =) jowk!!! peace tayo.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous miwa said...

happy happy joy joy for u!
you've worked hard and now you're inching closer to really getting it.
'hope u find true happiness wherever it is u are headed to :)

5:36 PM  
Blogger kero said...

duke! baka pumuti ka na pagpunta mo don! =P

God bless on the interview and exam. keep me posted. *mwah*

11:13 PM  
Blogger cruise said...

congratulations duke! *inggit*

10:35 PM  
Blogger duke said...

chumsy, syempre, limang klaseng ngiti ata yun depende sa sitwasyong gustong iproject. hehehe. it works.

sam. di ako yung magaling. dasal un. (at ngiting pacute)

citizen of the world, bagong blog ha. at daming pichures. at tagal madawnload sa dial up ko. ahahaha. yes, almost there, i think. but it's still a long way to go.

atticus, wagi ako. hehehe. wagi. ang lalim namang ng tagalog word na yan. di ba pede panalu? hehehehe.

mei, babae at lalakeng matanda un. hahaha. kung bigay ng Diyos e matutupad. yun lang.

miwa, thank you. i hope it soon as well.

kero, syet, pagbalik ko tisoy na tisoy na ako at inggles! hahaha. babalik ako no. mageexam lang ako. at least two months ako dun. salamat. i will keep you posted.

cruise, wag ka mainggit! hahaha. kagagaling mo lang singapore at europe eh. sus. daming gastos, wala na akong pera. salamat sa pagdalaw ulit.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Somnambulist Nocturnal said...

You are a step closer!!! =)

You have a great reason to be happy!

8:06 PM  
Blogger Tani said...

para palang American idol.

5:29 PM  

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